Here at Enfield Auto Restoration, our experts in paint and finishing systems use premium urethane primers and top coats. We take pride in the fit and alignment of body panels and parts prior to, and after painting.  We handle all of our painting in-house using our semi-downdraft spray booth.  We use PPG paint products, employing both single-stage or base coat / clear coat paints depending on the project.

 You can bring us your car for expert paint evaluation and detailing services. We specialize in top quality to concourse quality paint jobs.

  •   Spot Repairs
  •   Collision Repairs
  •   Undercoating
  •   Color Matching/ Blending
  •   Concours quality paint and bodywork

Call us to discuss how we can help with your mechanical issues or mechanical upgrade projects.

We can be reached at 860.749.7917 Monday-Friday 6:30-5:00.

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Engine Compartment Detailing

Porsche 356C Project

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